Klopp: ‘The Europa League is not a punishment’

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The German coach has been in charge of the German national team for just over a year, and the team has already managed to win the national championship. However, the German Cup is still far from the Bundesliga and the Champions League, so the German team is still in the middle of the standings.
However, the team is in a good shape, and it is now in a position to fight for the coveted European trophies. The main goal of the team this season is to finish in the top-4 of the EPL, which is the best possible result.
The team’s results in the Europa League are not so good, and so far it has not managed to get into the top 4. The team has not been able to get to the playoffs for a long time, and now it is not in a very good shape.

The coach of the Germans, Jurgen Klopp, has repeatedly said that the Europa league is not the team”s punishment. The German coach is confident that the team will be able to fight in the Champions league, and he is already looking forward to the upcoming season.
You can always follow the development of the results of the club on the website of sports statistics. The website presents the latest information about the German football, as well as other national championships.
Results of the Champions Cup
The Champions Cup is a tournament that is held every year. The tournament is held in different parts of the world, and each country has its own tournament. The winner of the tournament is considered to be the champion of the country.
In the current season, the tournament has already ended, and Liverpool is the champion. The club has already won the Champions cup for the first time in the club’s history, and this is a great success for the team.
Now, the club is in the best shape of its career, and Klopp’s team is ready to fight against the main favorites of the competition.
It is now very easy to follow the results on the sports statistics website. The site presents the information about various championships, as it is possible to save time and do not waste your time.
Liverpool’ssports statistics
The club has a lot of stars on the field, and they are able to decide the fate of the game in a matter of a few moments. The players of the Merseysiders are able not only to score goals, but also to make a number of important saves.
This is what makes the team so good. Liverpool has a good chance of winning the Champions club cup, and if the team manages to win it, it will be the first victory of the Reds in the history of the European competition. The Merseysides are one of the main contenders for the title, and their success will be a great surprise for the fans.
Follow the results and the development on the site of sports analytics. The information about Liverpool is updated in real time, which allows you to be aware of the changes in the field.
Team’slives in the Bundesliga
The current season of the Bundesliga is very interesting for fans. The teams are fighting for the champion title, but the struggle for the gold medals is very intense. The clubs have already won a lot, and many of them have already reached the playoffs.
One of the best teams of the season is Borussia Dortmund. The Bumblebees are in a great shape, as they are in the first place of the table. The coach of Dortmund, Niko Kovac, has already become a famous football player. He is considered one of Europe’ s best coaches, and his teams have won the European cups and the Europa cups.
Borussia Dortmund has a great chance of getting into the playoffs, and its success will please the fans of the famous club. The results of their livescores are presented on the team’s website. Here, you can find the latest news about the team and its achievements.
Dortmund is a team that is very active on the football field. The fans can follow the progress of the players on the scoreboard, and you can always find out the results in real-time.
Fscore is a site that presents the results from various championships. The Fscore is the most convenient platform for fans, as the information is updated live. The data is updated on the basis of the matches, and there is no need to wait for the results.
Live football scores of the championship
The championship of England is very busy, and every match is a real test for the teams. The English Premier League is one of them, and Manchester City is one the main competitors of the Citizens.
Manchester City is in good shape at the moment, and has already got into the Champions’ League zone. The Citizens have a good opportunity to win gold medals, and even to get a place in the group stage of the Europa tournament.
At the moment the team of the City is very confident, and everyone can see it. The squad of the Mancunians is very strong, and is able to make important changes in a split second.
If the Citizens manage to get through the group, they will have a chance to get in the playoffs of the Premier league. You can always keep track of the development at the website Fscore. Here you can follow live football scores, as there is a lot to see.

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