Are Manchester United going to continue winning?

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Manchester United are the main contender for winning the title. The Red Devils have been in the top four for a long time and have won it twice. The last time they lost it was in the season of 2013-2014.
However, the team has some problems. The main one is the lack of motivation. The team has been in a good mood for a while, but it is not enough to win the title again.
The main problem of the team is the transfer campaign. The players have to get used to new players, which is not easy. The club has a lot of problems, so it is very difficult to win gold medals.
Do you think that Manchester United will be able to win another title?
The team has a good chance of winning the next title, because it is a long season. The season will end in the Champions League, which means that the team will have to fight for the title there.
In the previous season, the Red Devils lost the title to Liverpool, which was the first time in history that a team won the title twice.

The last time the Reds lost the coveted trophy was in 2013-14. The previous season was the worst for the team, because the Reds were in the Europa League.
It is very important for Manchester United to win in the English Premier League. The Reds have a good lineup, which can be a real advantage in the fight for gold medals in the championship.
Where to find the latest results of the club?
You can always find the results of Manchester United on the sports statistics website. It is easy to find it here, because there are no special requirements for using the platform.
There are a lot competitions in the Premier League, and the Red devils have a chance to win it again. The squad of the Red and Blacks has a great potential, which allows it to perform well in all matches.
This season, Manchester United has a really good chance to achieve its goals. The coach is Jose Mourinho, who knows how to motivate his players. The Portuguese has a successful career, and he managed to win several titles.
If the team manages to win a lot more trophies, then it will be even more difficult for Liverpool to challenge the Red-and-Blues.
Will Mourinho’s team be able not to lose points in matches with the strongest teams in the league?
It’s not easy to predict the fate of the teams in a long tournament distance. However, the Manchester United team has the potential to win more trophies.
First of all, the main problem for the Red Devil is the poor transfer campaign of the players. They have to learn the new players quickly, and this will affect the results.
Also, the squad of Mourinho has a decent number of players, so the team can play with a lot. This is the main advantage of the Portuguese coach.
You will always find out the latest information about the team on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about matches of the Manchester united, as well as other teams.
How to follow the results?
Now, it is easy and convenient to follow all the results on the platform of sports analytics. You just need to choose the appropriate category on the search engine, and you will receive the data about the matches of Manchester united.
One of the main problems of the Reds is the bad results in the matches against the top teams. However this season, Mourinho’slive has a chance of getting rid of this problem. The results of matches with Liverpool and Manchester United are not bad, but they are not enough for winning gold medals again.
You should also note that the Red team has good chances to win other trophies, too. For example, the club can win the Europa Cup.
Manchester City is the most likely candidate for winning a lot, because of the following reasons:
1. Good lineup. The lineup of the Citizens is really good, which lets the club to win many trophies. The list of trophies won by the club includes:
* League Cup;
* FA Cup;
* UEFA Champions League;
2. Good transfer campaign, which will help the team to win trophies. For this, the players have been playing for a year, and they have already managed to get a lot from the transfer market.
3. Good performance in the domestic championship. The Citizens have a great chance to get into the top 4, because they are in the strongest division of the English league.
All the above-mentioned factors will help Manchester City to win, because this team has everything necessary for winning.
What are the chances of the Blues to win again?
In addition to the above, the Citizens have good players, who can help the club win gold. The following players can be called the main contenders for winning it:
· Alonso;
· “Alonso”;
”Alonso” has already managed several trophies, and now he is the leader of the lineup. He has a high potential to score goals, too, because he is able to make good passes and make accurate runs.
Alonso has a long career, so he can become a leader of a team for a very long time.

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