AS Roma yesterday football match results

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The team of Gianfranco Zola is not the best, but they are still capable of winning the champion title. The main problem of Roma is the lack of motivation. The team has been in the Champions League for several years already, and they have not yet managed to win the trophy.
The match yesterday of the team of Zola with Atalanta was a failure. The game was not really interesting, and the team lost to the visitors. The fans of the club were not happy with the result of the game, and many of them started to criticize the coach.

The main problem for the team is the fact that they have a long bench. The coach of the Romans does not have enough players for the entire season. This is a serious problem for a team that is supposed to be the main contender for the title.
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Latest football match information
The season of the Italian championship has already ended, and it was a good one for the teams that participated in it. The championship of Italy is always interesting, because the teams from the same league fight for the champion trophy. The last season was especially successful for the Atalante, who managed to get to the Champions Cup final.
In the final, the team from the city of Rome defeated the team led by the legendary coach of Atalanti Vincenzo Montella. The final result of this match was a draw, which was not a good result for the fans of Atletico.
However, the game was really interesting. The Atalantes had a long and difficult season, and in the end they managed to qualify for the Championsโ€™ Cup. The match yesterday with the team that was not so successful in the previous season was a real failure.
At the beginning of the championship, the Atletico had a good start, but the team gradually lost points. The defeat of the Atleti yesterday was a serious blow for them, because they were in the middle of the standings.
It is possible that the team will not be able to recover from this, because many players of the squad are already over 30.
Today, the situation in the championship of the Old Continent is not so stable. The teams from lower divisions are trying to get into the Champions’ Cup, and this is a real problem for them. is the best place for you to always find out the latest information about the matches of the top football leagues.
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The current season of La Liga is not going well for Atletico, because in the first rounds the team was not able to get a result. The club has a long list of players, who are not able for the long tournament distance.
One of the main problems of the Spanish club is the bad form of its main star, Diego Simeone. The Argentine coach has not managed to motivate his players, and he often does not show his best game.
This is another reason why the team does not get into a higher position in the standings, because it is not able at the start of the season to get the necessary results.
If the team manages to get out of the relegation zone, then it will be able not to lose points, because there is a good chance that the club will get into one of the higher divisions.
Another problem of the current season is the poor form of the goalkeeper of the Argentinean team, Sergio Ramos. The Spanish goalkeeper is not playing well, and his team has a poor start in La Liga.
After the first round, the match with Barcelona was a disaster for Atletic. The Catalans managed to score a goal, but it was not enough for the victory.
Despite the fact, that the game against Barcelona was not very interesting, the fans were not satisfied with the results of the match.
There were several problems with the game yesterday, and all of them can be solved. The first is the long bench of the players of Simeones team. The second is the problem of motivation of the coach of his players.
Fans are tired of the poor results of Atletics, and if the club manages to improve its position in La liga, then the fans will be happy.
Current position of the clubs in the EPL table
The EPL is always a real struggle for the first place in the table. The current season has already shown that the teams are not in a good mood, because several of them have already lost points in the season.
Manchester City has a good team, but many of its players are not playing at their best. The Citizens are not the only team that has problems with motivation.
Liverpool is also not in the best shape, because its players have not been able to show their best game for several seasons already. The Reds are not a team you can easily count on, because a lot of players are over 30, and their careers are not over yet.
Arsenal is also in a bad shape, but unlike the Citizens, the Gunners are not very motivated.
All the teams have problems with their motivation, but there are several clubs that are able to fight for a place in a higher division.

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